Trump Threatens Government Shutdown Over Immigration

Trump Threatens Government Shutdown Over Immigration

Republicans are uncomfortable with Trump's plans. President Donald J. Trump of the United States has again threatened to shut the U.S. Government down[/tweetit] if

Philippines Deports 71-year-old Nun

Philippines Deports 71-Year-Old Australian Nun

Sister Patrica Anne Fox has strongly criticized the Duterte regime Sister Patricia Anne Fox, 71, was given deportation orders by the Filipino Duterte Government.[/tweetit]

War, U.S. Anti-refugee Sentiment and Bureaucracy Prevented Anne Frank Family’s Escape

War, U.S. Anti-Refugee Sentiment, and Bureaucracy Prevented Anne Frank’s Escape

The Franks were slaughtered by the Nazis in Bergen-Belsen in 1945. A report published by U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and Anne Frank House describes

Little Sisters Introduce New Website for Fight Against Contraceptives

Little Sisters of the Poor continue battle against birth control mandate to protect their religious freedom. The Little Sisters of the Poor is spearheading