Would You Like to Stay the Night in a Buddhist Temple?

Would You Like to Stay the Night in a Buddhist Temple?

Terahaku to Offer Rooms for Rent in Buddhist Temples Terahaku, a brand new service, will enable tourists visiting Japan to search and reserve online

First Japanese Church of Scientology ‘Ideal Org’ Opens in Tokyo, Japan

At the Church of Scientology Tokyo inauguration, Parliamentary and local Japanese leaders spoke to celebrate the efforts and contributions of Scientology's programs during the

Shinto Priest’s Nieces Save His Temple with Anime

Four years ago, two teenage girls, the nieces of Yasuykuki Saito, got up to mischief and drew cute anime characters on various sacred instruments

Beautifully minimal Buddhist micro-altars are designed for mourning in a modern world

Keita Suzuki has redesigned Buddhist prayer altars for micro-sized Tokyo apartments. Buddhists all around the world will be cheerful at the news that a

Mitake Train

This Japanese Vacation Spot Features a Man Who Conducts Both Trains and Shinto Holy Rites

One man can both drive your train up to this popular Japanese vacation spot then conduct your religious ceremonies. On a forested mountain near Tokyo,