Road to Hell

Satanists Adopted A Highway and Named it “Road to Hell”

The highway stretch lies near Casa Grande Christians have expressed outrage when they discovered that Satanists from The Satanic Temple of Arizona have not

The Satanic Temple Fights Arkansas’ Attempt to Block Capitol Monument, Demands Public Hearing

After Arkansas House passed a Bill to block Satanic monument request, Satanist organization issues legal demand for public hearing The Satanic Temple (TST), an

Scottsdale Denies Satanic Temple Invocation Again

Scottsdale's city council has canceled the previously rescheduled Satanic Temple prayer. After being scheduled to deliver the opening invocation for the Scottsdale, Arizona city

Satanic prayer Phoenix

Satanists Will Deliver Invocation At Phoenix City Council Meeting

It is expected that the event of invoking Satan will attract more observers to Phoenix City Council Meeting. The local chapter of The Satanic