Why Franklin Graham Prays For Oregon Governor Kate Brown

Why Franklin Graham Prays For Oregon Governor Kate Brown

Graham requested prayers to convert Kate Brown. Evangelist Franklin Graham recently held a rally in Oregon where he asked the people gathered to take

Barbara Grossman

Bishop Curry is a Refreshing Voice for Relationships Everywhere by Dr. Barbara Grossman

Sharing our vulnerability and hearing the other is how we discover and solve our problems together. Bishop Michael Curry celebrated the power of love

Faith in Recovery Pt. 3

Faith in Recovery Pt. 3: Is Faith-Based Addiction Treatment More Effective?

History and studies demonstrate compelling evidence supporting faith in addiction recovery “ 'Religion is the opiate of the masses' masks an enormously important therapeutic

Faith in Recovery

Faith in Recovery Pt. 1: Can Faith Help Battle Addiction?

WRN's twelve-part series will explore the relationship between faith and addiction and how various religious organizations & beliefs battle drug and alcohol abuse. “Most

Why Religion Matters in Relationships

Spiritual compatibility can result in a better quality of marriage. According to a study done by LifeWay Research, about 59 percent of the adult

The Top 10 Leonard Cohen Songs of Spirituality, Faith and God

The Top 10 Leonard Cohen Songs of Spirituality, Faith and God

Leonard Cohen Top 10 and new single "You Want It Darker" Legendary singer and songwriter Leonard Cohen's death was announced yesterday. He was 82-years-old.

Is Harry Potter A Religion? This Podcast Says Yes

The Harry Potter faithful are heeding the Harry Potter and the Sacred Text podcast. The fact that Harry Potter fans have been religiously faithful

Teen “Slacktivism” In Church is a Myth

Teen “Slacktivism” In Church is a Myth

New study shows that youth are more engaged with church than we think For a long time Christian youth have been accused of being

Study Found Those Who Don’t Attend Church Have Higher Death Risk

Study suggests women who attend religious services frequently have a lower risk of death from heart disease and cancer. Can spirituality increase your lifespan?

Gwen Stefani: How God and Spirituality Brought Her Back to Her Passion of Songwriting

Stefani’s return to a solo career is "God’s plan." After almost a ten-year hiatus, pop star Gwen Stefani has a made her comeback to