Bullying For Muslim Students On The Rise

Bullying of Muslim Students At Record Levels In California

Muslim Students Feel Less Safe and More Scared The California Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-CA) published a new report yesterday documenting

Satanic Temple Billboard Says No To Hitting Children

Satanist Billboard in Texas: “Our Religion Doesn’t Believe in Hitting Children”

The Satanic Temple wants corporal punishment to be abolished The Satanic Temple installed a billboard at Springtown in North Texas which criticizes corporal punishment

Happy Bring Your Bible to School Day !

Happy Bring Your Bible to School Day!

Kentucky Governor Pushing Controversial Move Governor Matt Bevin released a video yesterday urging students in Kentucky to carry their Bibles when going to school.

After school satan club

Would You Allow A Satanic After School Club?

New Clubs to Begin This School Year It is the beginning of the school year. Students are deciding which after school activities they will

Shane Pruitt Back to School

How To Pray For Your Children As They Go Back To School

A Supply List of Back-to-School Prayers We have five children, but only two that are “school-age.” Raygen is our oldest, and will be starting

10 Ways To Pray For Your Child’s Teacher This School Year

Teachers, the second most influential people in a person's life, offer ways to pray for them during the school year. There was once a

Egyptian Christians Hope for Approval to Build New Churches

Egyptian Christians Hope for Approval to Build New Churches

Christians wait for Egypt government to end a 160 year ban on the construction of new churches While Muslims are facing a lot of

Italian Catholic School Fined $28,000 for Firing Gay Teacher

A Catholic school in Italy has been found guilty of discriminating against a gay teacher. The Daughters of Sacred Heart Institute, a Catholic school

Petition Launched to Ban “Islamic Indoctrination” in Schools

Christian Action Network Petition: Stop the Department of Education from converting our children. The controversial issue of schools, especially public schools and religion is

Christian Teachers Want More Religion in Schools

Christian Teachers Want More Religion in Schools

CEAI Director Finn Laursen believes after religion was removed from schools the children of America are not learning morals. Finn Laursen, the Executive Director