an Diego's "Love Knows No Borders: Week of Action" Day 1 Ends in 32 Arrests

San Diego’s “Love Knows No Borders: Week of Action” Day 1 Ends in 32 Arrests

Religious Leaders, Community Members Among Those Who Demonstrated Faith leaders and local advocates from all over the United States completed a mile walk to

San Diego Schools Fight Against Islamophobia

San Diego school district proposes steps to combating Islamophobia. Islamophobia is the fear expressed by a community or an individual towards anyone who practices

Muslim-American Kids Read Letters Written by Japanese-Americans Incarcerated During WWII

The current rise in anti-Islamic sentiments is reminiscent of the persecution faced by Japanese-Americans during the second World War. The targeted violence that Muslims

Will San Diego Get A Bible-Inspired Theme Park?

Televangelist Morris Cerullo wants to build a Bible-themed resort in San Diego. Morris Cerullo, the controversial televangelist, will join ranks of other Christ themed