Obama Fires Back at Trump’s “Dangerous Mindset”

President Obama denounces Trump's Muslim ban. In the wake of the Orlando massacre, Donald Trump, the presumptive presidential nominee of the Republican Party, expanded

Meet the Awesome Muslim Prom Queen in San Bernardino County

San Bernardino area high school crowns Muslim Prom Queen: Zarifeh Shalabi. Getting crowned as the prom queen or king is a big deal for

Chino Valley Unified School District Ordered to Pay Over $200,000 to Atheist Group

Chino Valley Unified School District Ordered to Pay Over $200,000 to Atheist Group

Freedom From Religion Foundation was awarded $202,970.70 in a religious case filed against the Chino Valley School District. The Chino Valley Unified School District

Imam invites Trump to America’s Oldest Mosque

Trump invited to discuss his plans and philosophy at Mother Mosque of America. Donald Trump was invited by Taha Tawil to, the Imam of

Sikhs Suffer Violence Due to Confusion with Muslims

Sikhs are commonly confused for Muslims in the U.S. and become the victims of anti-Muslim hate crimes. The first California homicide victim in 2016

Nusrat Qadir Fear vs Extremists

Fear versus the Extremists: The Rhetoric of Hate Must End

Featured Contributor Nusrat Qadir implores Americans to counter fear and hate by inviting Trump and his followers to learn more about True Islam. Recently

S Ahmad San Bernardino

An Ahmadiyya Muslim Responds to San Bernardino Terror and #TrueIslam

San Bernardino: We are all heart broken and share the pain. #TrueIslam As a member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community from Virginia I want

Muslims Raise $200,000 for Families of San Bernardino Victims

American Muslims started a fund to help San Bernardino attack victims. Muslims leaders and groups across the United States have raised over $191,000 for

Islamophobia Is on the Decline, Even After San Bernardino

A new poll says most Americans do not fear Muslims. A poll conducted by Reuters/Ipsos reveals that 51 percent of United States residents regard

San Bernardino

Scientology Minister Denounces San Bernardino Violence

Scientology Rev. Bob Adams delivered a prayer last night at a vigil for the victims of the San Bernardino shooting. The Inland Empire community