Chaldean Christians in Detroit Terrified of Being Sent Back to Iraq Where They’re an ISIS Target

Mass arrests send waves of terror among community members who escaped to the US hoping to lead peaceful lives Iraqi Christians are terrified by

Iraq Church Rescued from ISIS Opens for the First Time in Two Years

A church rescued from ISIS in Iraq has been rededicated. The reopening of a church in northern Iraq after two years of control by

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Al Jazeera: Is Religion Really to Blame for Violence? [Video]

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Tennessee, Once Welcoming to Muslims, Now Filled with Hate

Tennessee, Once Welcoming to Muslims, Now Filled with Hate

The home Muslims found in Tennessee is now turning against them. In the year 1965, when the United States loosened its immigration laws, a

911 NYC

How 9/11 Reshaped America’s Feelings on Religion

The 9/11 terrorist attack not only shook America's perception of its safety, but it also changed how Americans think about religion. The 9/11 terrorist