Dhanu Sankranti

The Hindu Celebration of Dhanu Sankranti

Offerings of water and flowers to the sun god Dhanu Sankranti is a holiday celebrated in Indian mythology.[/tweetit] It is also known as Dhanu

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Say Nepal Still Needs Help as Government Sells Off Donated Relief Food

Scientology's Volunteer Ministers are still bringing hope and helping Nepal recover from a 2015 earthquake. In April last year, Kathmandu, Nepal experienced a tragic

Sushi Now Approved for Passover Consumption

The rules have changed - sushi is now Kosher for Passover. Passover or Pesach, a Biblically-derived Jewish festival, begins this Friday. It is an

Niiame Sai

Japan Celebrates Shinto Holiday Niiname Sai – “Celebrations of the First Taste”

Japanese thanksgiving, Niiname Sai, gives thanks to the Kami who provides the elements of nature that provide the fall harvest. In Japanese culture, Shinto's

Muslim Man Performs Last Rites for Hindu Friend

Muslim man refused to allow differences in faith to stop him from helping out his Hindu friend. Relationships between Muslims and Hindus in India