Israel Protests After Polish Nationalist Rally Calls for Jews to Move Out of Poland

Right-wing groups dominate Polish Independence Day March Israel expressed apprehension about the Polish Independence Day March held on November 11.[/tweetit] The predominantly Jewish nation

Shooting at Tennessee Church Sunday Leaves One Dead

A Sudanese immigrant has been indicted Emanuel Kidega Samson, an immigrant from Sudan, wore a ski mask while storming into the Burnette Chapel Church[/tweetit]

Pope praises 'multi-religious' race

Nuns and Refugees Participate in Religious Half-Marathon in Rome, Commended by Pope Francis

Runners came from multiple faiths Participants of 'Via Pacis' race, where amateur athletes comprising of nuns, refugees, disabled, and parents pushing their children, ran

Tillerson’s Religious Freedom Report Says Fighting ISIS’ Genocide Is a Priority

No mention was made of Muslims being attacked in a targeted manner in the US Rex Tillerson, the United States Secretary of State, spoke

Muslims Nazi Concentration Camp

At a Nazi Concentration Camp Muslims Look at Germany’s Past

They believe Israel is the source of all their troubles For Middle Eastern Muslim refugees in Germany, a visit to World War II concentration

Vatican warns US Catholic of alliance of hate

Vatican Warns US Catholics About Alliance of ‘Hate’ with Evangelicals

Vatican proposes inclusiveness, the US Catholics do not U.S. Catholic conservatives are being warned by the Vatican about their alliance of "hate" forged with

sanctuary churches

Increase in Sanctuary Churches Popping Up Under Trump

Undocumented immigrants are not flocking to sanctuary churches, even though the number of such churches are rising rapidly. A fewer number of undocumented immigrants

Pope Francis is Concerned with ‘Dangerous’ U.S. – Russia Partnership

"The G20 worries me" -Pope Francis In an interview with La Repubblica, Pope Francis has expressed concern about the alliance between the U.S. and

Muslim Dating Apps See a Surge in Membership After Trump’s Election

Muslims are finding love online President Trump spent a lot of time preaching against Islam during his campaign. Forty-five days after being sworn in,

Archbishop Welby and Chief Rabbi Mirvis Pray Together at the Western Wall

Chief Rabbi and Archbishop create a unique moment in time at the Western Wall. Visitors to the Western Wall in Jerusalem witnessed a slice