Spiritual Child

Do You Want Your Child to Thrive?

Featured contributor Keith Wommack discusses the value of spirituality when raising a child and in prepping our youth to face the world's challenges. During

Scientology Parent Dealing With Cancer

Scientology Helped Us Deal with Our Daughter’s Battle with Cancer

Stephanie and Russ Croman and their three daughters. Scientologist parents Stephanie and Russ Croman describe how going Clear helped them through their daughter's devastating

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What “Scientology: Age of Answers” means to a Scientologist parent

Tad Reeves, noted Scientology Parent  blogger, shares his personal interpretation of the new Scientology ad. During the big game, or since, you may have

Hailley Scientology Parent Interview

Scientology Questions & Answers – Hailley, Mother

Photo: Sara May Photography A university study group in Holland was researching the Scientology religion, and wanted to get some direct answers about what

My Au Pair is Christian, We are Scientologists – Does that Work?

You may have read earlier that for the previous year, we’ve had an au pair in our house from Brazil. We are a family