Tom Cruise Stops At Church of Scientology While Filming in New Zealand

Tom Cruise takes a quick tour at the newest Scientology church in New Zealand. Tom Cruise, looking extremely proud and impressed, visited the new

Now You Can Stream Faith-Based Movies with “Netflix for Christians”: Pure Flix

ull wp-image-32013"/> Need a more child or family-friendly movie streaming alternative to Netflix? Then you might want to check out Pure Flix. Pure

How Wes Craven’s Christian Upbringing Influenced His Horror Films

Horror film legend Wes Craven's Christian background helped shape some of his greatest films. Horror director Wes Craven lost his battle with brain cancer

Where Hope Grows

Faith-based Movie ‘Where Hope Grows’ Stars Actor with Down Syndrome; Smashes Stereotypes

Where Hope Grows is a tale of inspiration from a boy with Down syndrome conveying messages of faith, hope and redemption. The world may

Hinduism has a subtle influence on Hollywood and movies

Why is it that Hinduism has this subtle but solid influence on Hollywood and movies? Well-known and popular Hollywood box office hit films such

Shia LaBeouf Finds God

Shia LaBeouf Finds God While Filming Latest Movie, ‘Fury’

Shia LaBeouf, who has been in the spotlight for his recent arrests, says he is now a Christian man. In a conversation published in

Exodus Gods And Kings Poster

New Movie Trailer for ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’ Released

The first official trailer for Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods and Kings  has been released today. Tuesday night, Christian Bale, who plays Moses, appeared at

Richard Attenborough

Director of ‘Gandhi,’ Sir Richard Attenborough’s Religious and Spiritual Beliefs [Video]

With the recent passing of Sir Richard Attenborough, we take a look at the religious philosophy of the famous actor and director of Gandhi. Legendary

Noah Overcomes the Flood; Earns $95 Million Internationally

With the release of Noah on March 28 2014, it was very quickly evident that there is a thirst for religious-based films not only

Can Darren Aronofsky’s “Noah” Survive a Flood of Criticism?

Fans of any book series go to see the movie in order to critique one major point: "Did they get the details of the