Rastafarianism in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces

Rastafarianism is Rising in Popularity Among Britain’s Military

There's been a 40 percent rise in Rastafarian recruits since 2016. A Freedom of Information (FOI) request sent to the UK Ministry of Defense

South Korea Makes Historic Change To Protect Jehovah’s Witnesses

Jehovah’s Witnesses Will Now Be Exempt from Military Service Act in South Korea

Constitutional Court Allows Jehovah’s Witnesses To Avoid Military Service A momentous change has occurred in South Korea. The South Korean Constitutional Court has ruled

South Korea May Stop Jailing Jehovah's Witnesses

South Korea May Stop Jailing Jehovah’s Witnesses

Constitutional Court Could Overturn Law on Refusing Military Service South Korea’s Constitutional Court is potentially making a historic change. The court will rule on

Why Does The U.S. Government Need Chaplains?

Why Does The U.S. Government Need Chaplains?

Has This Controversial Post From History Run Its Course? Since the beginning of the United States government, there have been chaplains. They have given

Jesus Doesn't Want Airstrikes In Syria

Jesus Doesn’t Want Airstrikes In Syria

Nonviolence And Cooperation Should Be How We Solve Our Problems When President Trump gave his speech following the Syrian airstrikes, he invoked God as

We Should Stop Saying There Are No Atheists In Foxholes

We Should Stop Saying There Are No Atheists In Foxholes

Why This Cliché Needs To Be Buried “People say there are no atheists in foxholes. A lot of people think this is a good

Will Watching Military Videos Stop Christian's Porn Addiction?

Can Watching Military Videos Stop A Christian’s Porn Addiction?

'Conquer Series' Uses Disputed Science and a Unique Approach Do you use internet porn too much? Are you a Christian man? Big fan of

Marine Drill Instructor Given 10 Years For Islamophobia Abuse

Marine Drill Instructor Receives 10 Years For Islamophobic Abuse

To prepare men and women to serve in combat for the United States, a grueling training regime is created. While it is impossible to

New Conservative College Requires Military Training

Christian College Has Controversial Military Training

Military Training Will Become A Freshman Course The Christian liberal arts college, College of the Ozarks, is taking a different approach to the kneeling

Trump Says America Worships God, Not Government; Violates First Amendment

Trump's tweet came shortly after he announced transgender people would not be permitted to serve in the military. United States President Donald J. Trump,