U.S. Department of Defense

Amendment Banning Contact With Military Religious Freedom Group Passes House

A proviso added into the 2024 defense authorization bill barring service members from contacting the nonprofit Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) narrowly passed the

U.S. Muslim Solider Ordered to Remove Hijab

U.S. Muslim Soldier Ordered to Remove Hijab

MRFF cites the incident as a blatant instance of Islamophobia. Sergeant Cesilia Valdovinos, a soldier in the United States Army who identifies as a

Over 1,000 Atheists in the Air Force Meet During Religious Services

More than 12,000 military personnel identify themselves as atheists Lackland Air Force Base is different from its peer military institutions. It has a meeting

Tolerating other religions "serves Satan"

Chaplain Says Christian Service Members Who Tolerate Other Religions Are “Counterfeit Christians” and “Serve Satan”

The right winger wrote a blog before his views came to the notice of the MRFF Sonny Hernandez, a chaplain of the United States

Navy Boot Camp Under Fire for Banning Religious Volunteers

Officials at an Illinois Navy Boot Camp are defending their decision too ban select religious volunteers from their base. Officials at an Illinois Navy

Air Force Updates Its Rules Concerning Religious Freedom

In an update this month to the Air Force Instruction 1-1 (AFI 1-1), several changes have been made in order to “clarify guidance” for

USS Makin Island Address

Navy Appoints the First Atheist Lay Leader

Chief Petty Officer Martin Healey is the first Atheist lay leader. In a great leap forward for diversity of belief, commanders on the USS