Happy Holidays: The Real War on Christmas by Dr. Arik Greenberg

Over the last couple of years, I’ve heard the phrase “The war on Christmas” invoked more and more frequently. Often, it comes from the

Pope Francis Being Seen as Too Liberal

Pope Francis Being Seen as Too Liberal

Pope Francis has allowed discussions concerning married priests and criticized capitalist excess. It's been five years since Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina was elected to

In Scotland, 58% of People are Religious ‘Nones’

The number of 'nones' have increased noticeably in the recent years 58 percent of the Scottish population put 'none' as their religious affiliation[/tweetit] when

Hispanic Global Warming

5 Powerful Stats on Hispanic Catholics and Global Warming

The difference between white Catholic views and Hispanic views on global warming is like night and day. The Pope has become, in America at