Netanyahu Backs Death Penalty

Netanyahu Backs Death Penalty for Terrorists

The Prime Minister is supporting the bill, but it must pass the Knesset committee first. Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, gave his

Natalie Portman Skips "Jewish Nobel Prize" Over Recent Events in Israel

Natalie Portman Skips “Jewish Nobel Prize” Over Recent Events in Israel

Genesis award is known as the "Jewish Nobel Prize." Natalie Portman will not attend the 2018 Genesis Award ceremony in Jerusalem, where she is

Why does the Ecumenical Patriarch ignore the problem of Jerusalem?

Patriarch Bartholomew has so far kept silent on America's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. On December 6, 2017 a significant, controversial

Muslims Nazi Concentration Camp

At a Nazi Concentration Camp Muslims Look at Germany’s Past

They believe Israel is the source of all their troubles For Middle Eastern Muslim refugees in Germany, a visit to World War II concentration