40% rise in Jewish Immigration to Israel Attributed to Surge from Ukraine and Russia

Jewish immigration to Israel has risen more than 40 percent in the first three months of 2015, an interim report by the Jewish Agency

Obama Pleas with Jewish Leaders over Iran Nuclear Deal

Obama sought the opinions of Jewish community leaders to gain their favor in the Iran nuclear deal discussions. President Obama knew that consulting Jewish

Lives In Common

“Lives in Common:” Israeli scholar Menachem Klein on Israel and Palestine

Menachem Klein discusses his new book Lives in Common and the prospects of Peace between Israel and Palestine with ISLAMiCommentary. Written by Joseph Preville

Poll Highlights Secular Jews’ Desire to Study the Torah

A poll was conducted focused on examining whether the populace of Israel would be interested in learning more about the teachings of Maimonides, who

Benjamin Netanyahu

Tensions Rise Before Netanyahu Speaks to Congress

Many politicians might skip Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech as the controversial leader will speak to Congress about tensions in the Middle East. Israeli

Ruth Colian

Party Representing Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Women to Offer Candidate in March Elections

Feeling excluded by the male dominated Haredi political parties, Ruth Colian will represent ultra-orthodox jewish women in the upcoming elections as the head of

Interview with Mark Cohen on Muslim-Jewish relations: history and relevance today

Professor Mark R. Cohen delivering a lecture to a seminar room full of professors and graduate students at King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Jordan River

Are tourists visiting the wrong side of the Jordan for Jesus’ baptism?

As tourists flock to the Jordan River to celebrate Jesus' baptism, new findings might prove that He was actually born on the other side,

New Law May Encourage Conversion to Judaism in Israel

The Israeli cabinet approved a new law that would enable easier conversions to Judaism, a move advocates hope will encourage hundreds of thousands of

Dancing In Jaffa

“Dancing in Jaffa” Teaches a Lesson We Need Now More than Ever

Pierre Dulaine and his students prove hatred between Israelis and Palestinians is not innate and can be overcome in this beautiful film, Dancing in Jaffa.