Tamar Bible Program

Steve Green’s Hebrew Bible Educational Program Successful in Israel

Tamar Bible Program

Unsuccessful attempt to launch in the U.S. leads to success overseas due to Israel’s requirement to learn the Hebrew Bible.

A program called TAMAR that was created by the billionaire, Steve Green, Hobby Lobby owner, is proving to be successful in Israel. Sixteen high schools are currently completing the pilot program, which lasts a year. Thus far, many educators have sung its praises, happy to note that the both the students and teachers seem “more enthused” about learning the Tanakh. The program was designed by Museum of the Bible, which is based in Washington, and it focuses on the Hebrew Bible, as is required by the Israeli government. Seven other schools have already requested the program to be included in their curriculum next year.

The program made an attempt to launch in the U.S previously, though it was unsuccessful for several reasons. The Oklahoma district that intended to use it changed their minds after concerns that civil liberties groups would sue. The superintendent said they weren’t given access to the final curriculum, which brought about the concerns. However, by this time, Steve Green was already working to create a curriculum for Israel’s Jewish school system. The program, according to both Museum and Israeli educators, has no Christian content in it. The program was accepted due to the government’s requirement to be literate in the bible, be able to comprehend it and learn the Hebrew Bible.

The course has two volumes and is taught using iPads, which were supplied by Steve Green’s Museum of the Bible. The students have access to high quality graphics and animations that allow them to further their education in the Hebrew Bible. According to one teacher who used the TAMAR program at Bliech High School, the program can allow students to explore the subject more thoroughly. As they study the different chapters, they have access to GPS, maps, narratives and other inclusive applications to allow them to understand why the Israelites chose certain paths or took on certain views.

In addition, the curriculum discusses the influence the Bible has on government and law. This emphasis has been something evangelical circles have attempted to engage for a while in order to embolden the ideal that the US’s earlier leaders were created through the Bible. The executive director of education at the Museum of the Bible, Jerry Pattengale, said that he believes the program will improve the education that the museum can give to students “who are interested in high-quality, engaging courses about the Bible.”


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