“We the People” on Cop Cars Instead of Divisive “In God We Trust”

In a move against "in God We Trust" on cop cars in other states, Arkansas puts "We the People" on their cars. There is

Get “In God We Trust” License Plates For No Extra Fee in Utah

Get “In God We Trust” License Plates For No Extra Fee in Utah

The 'In God We Trust' license plate is now offered as an option in Utah at no additional cost. From January 1st, 2017, people

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“In God We Trust” on U.S. Currency is Being Disputed in Court

The religious symbolism on U.S. Currency directly violates the distinction between church and state. A federal lawsuit was filed during the second week of

Ambulances in Texas Now Display Their Trust in God

"In God We Trust" is displayed on ambulances in Lamesa, Texas. Just after the recent incident of Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) asking the

Why is a Police Chief telling Atheists to “Go Fly A Kite?”

A Texas police chief gave a remarkably unprofessional answer to the Freedom From Religion Foundation's most recent letter on "In God We Trust" stickers.

‘In God We Trust’ Police Car Bumper Sticker Reignites the Debate of Church and State

Freedom From Religion Foundation has filed complaints on a dozen Law Enforcement Agencies requesting the removal of the religious messages from publicly financed vehicles.

Atheists Continue to Challenge “In God We Trust” on U.S. Currency

Michael Newdow has vehemently opposed the appearance of “In God we trust” across the United States currency, though he was continuously shot down by