Pastor Poisoning Ugandans with a Bleach ‘Miracle Cure’

Pastor Poisoning Ugandans with a Bleach ‘Miracle Cure’

50,000 Ugandans have been poisoned Robert Baldwin, an American pastor, and Sam Little, a British clairvoyant, are administering a Ugandan network where sick Ugandans

Grace Slick LGBT

Grace Slick Uses Cash from Chick-fil-A Licensing Deal to Donate to LGBT Causes

Starship singer donates ad money to LGBT group after Chick-fil-A licenses her song. Grace Slick, the voice behind the groups Jefferson Airplane/Jefferson Starship/Starship came

George Michael’s “Faith” and Religious Beliefs

Examining George Michael's religious beliefs after his death on Christmas morning. Pop idol George Michael has died at the age of 53. A statement

Geneticist on a Mission to Bring Geneticists and Religious Leaders Together

Ting Wu helping to bridge religion and gene-editing Ting Wu, a geneticist at Harvard Medical School studies the behavior and positioning of chromosomes to