Hawaii and Twitter are Protesting the New Travel Ban

The two entities were among the first to openly protest the travel ban, but many more are also against it. The travel ban put

The Cursed Rocks of Hawaii

According to Hawaiian mythology, the rocks are cursed by the god Pele. Every day dozens of rocks are sent from all over the world

U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Weds with Traditional Hindu Ceremony in Hawaii

The very first Hindu congresswoman in the United States wed earlier this month in a traditional Hindu ceremony. Tulsi Gabbard, America’s first ever Hindu

AZ Prisoners Fight to Practice Hawaiian Religion

AZ Inmates Win Status to Fight for Native Hawaiian Religion

Stating their religion is vital to their rehabilitation, prisoners in AZ have filed a class-action lawsuit. A few days ago, the Judge Leslie Kobayashi

St Marianne Cope

Saint’s Remains Return to Hawaii Where She Nursed the Sick

Many came to pay respects at the return of a saint's relics in Hawaii. Believers attended a mass to honour a woman who devoted