The Hollywood Sign

A Retired Hollywood Executive’s Mission to Promote Religious Literacy on the Big Screen Promises to Change How Film Professionals Approach Spiritual Themes

Widely considered the hub of global entertainment, Hollywood exerts a powerful influence on people’s worldviews by helping shape their cultural norms, values and beliefs

Harvard Divinity School

African American Religious Scholar to Become First Woman Dean of Harvard Divinity School

Marla Frederick, a prominent ethnographer and academic specializing in the African-American religious encounter, is set to become Dean of Harvard Divinity School—a historic appointment

LGBTQ-accepting' Bible Reading at Harvard

Matthew Vines Reframes Anti-Gay Bible Verses Declaring They Actually Affirm Gays

Vines used the same verses to rebut conservative explanations Matthew R. Vines, noted activist for queer rights and a Biblical scholar, argued for LGBTQ