Hungry Ghost Festival

Keeping Peace with Ghosts

The harvest season is closing and winter is coming. Festivals celebrate the fruits of the reaping and rituals are held to ward off the

Forget Bad Candy: Ken Ham Wants Your Kids To Learn About Fire and Brimstone Halloween

Forget Bad Candy: Ken Ham Wants Your Kids To Learn About Fire and Brimstone Halloween

Answers in Genesis is using Halloween promote kits about the dangers of hell. Creationist Ken Ham is taking the spooky nature of Halloween to

Human Skull Asteroid Sign of End Times

Is Approaching Human Skull Asteroid A Sign Of End Times?

Returning back to Earth after making an appearance on Halloween Is the End Times approaching? The approaching gigantic human-skull shaped asteroid might have something

Pat Robertson -Devils, Witches & Goblins

Pat Robertson Really Hates Halloween, Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Him with Video Montage

The Halloween holiday is rooted in Christian traditions. Jimmy Kimmel has admitted he does not prefer Halloween. His non-preference, however, pales in significance when

Facts about Protestants

Quick Facts About Protestantism on its 500th Anniversary

Tuesday marks Martin Luther's rebellion agains the Roman Catholic Church, 500 years ago. Protestants will commemorate their 500th anniversary on October 31, 2017. [/tweetit]

Light Parties Christian Alternative to Halloween

The New Christian Alternative to Halloween: Light Parties

Halloween is always a difficult situation for some Christians. Some of the themes and motifs seem to have some tension with Christian morals and

BYU’s 2nd Annual Sober Oktoberfest for Mormons: Milktoberfest

About 1,200 bottles of chocolate milk were consumed at the event. In Bavaria, October is synonymous with Oktoberfest. In the United States, the start

Shinto Dolls Used in Horror Attraction are Misleading

Shinto Dolls Used in Horror Attraction are Misleading

Universal Studios Japan receives protests over a Shinto doll Halloween attraction. Every Halloween, Universal Studios puts on a special show, dubbed Halloween Horror Nights,

The Origins and Similarities of Halloween, All Saints’ Day, Samhain and Reformation Day

The relationship between Halloween, Samhain, Reformation Day and All Saints' Day Despite being commemorated around the same period of the year by different groups

Protestants Celebrate Martin Luther on Reformation Day

The anniversary of Martin Luther's 95 Theses is celebrated on Reformation Day. Though the date of October 31 is most widely known as the