1992 map of Kurdish inhabited area in the Middle East

An Angry Kurdish Voice by Ceko Kurd

Editor’s Note: Most Americans know little or nothing about the Kurds, except perhaps that recently, the United States and Kurds were allied in the

23% of British Christians Don’t Believe in the Resurrection

UK study finds 1 in 4 Christians do not believe in the resurrection of Jesus. Every Christian is familiar with the Biblical tale of

Secularists in Britain Seek an End to “Unjustified Religious Privilege”

Secularists respond to report on Britain's religion and beliefs by requesting equal treatment for all, regardless of religious beliefs. Following the publication of a

Sharp Increase in British Jews Applying for Portuguese Citizenship After Brexit

Governments are compelling many Jews to leave Britain as a rising number of British Jews are seeking Portuguese passports. A large number of Jews

This is Why Pagans Celebrate Yule at Stonehenge

Pagans Celebrate Winter Solstice at Stonehenge Now that Christmas is right around the corner, Britain is gearing up for the year’s most-awaited holiday. While

Diwali and Eid

Debate Surges Over Britain Recognizing Muslim and Hindu Bank Holidays

A petition to make the Hindu Diwali festival and Muslim Eid celebration national bank holidays in Britain is sparking debate. A recent e-petition requesting