Houses of Worship: Touro Synagogue

1677: Jewish diaspora is in Newport, Rhode Island. Families are arriving in Newport after long journeys beginning in Spain and Portugal, then onto Amsterdam

Philly's Historic Leaning Church Gets $500k for Rehab

Philly’s Historic Leaning Church Gets $500k for Rehab

Over $2.5 million has been raised so far to cover the $3 million expense. The steeple at Philadelphia's historic Christ Church is leaning.[/tweetit] The

America a Christian Nation?

Is America a “Christian Nation?”

Our founders purposefully aligned our nation's foundation with the cornerstone of a biblical framework Are we really a "Christian nation," or has that claim

Nearly Every U.S. President Has Been Christian

Most presidents have been from the Episcopalian or Presbyterian churches. America’s new president Donald Trump is the nation’s ninth Presbyterian president. The nation has

Donald Trump Will be Sworn in on Two Bibles

Trump to be sworn in on both his childhood Bible and Abraham Lincoln's bible. President-elect Donald Trump will be taking his presidential oaths on

Examining the Religious Traditions of All 44 U.S. Presidents

Pew Research Center has compiled a list of the religions of U.S. Presidents throughout history. The U.S. Constitution has expressly forbidden any religious requirement

In Indiana, The FFRF Displays a Nativity Scene that Features the Bill of Rights

Holiday displays outside an Indiana courthouse showcase both religious and secular symbols, including one Nativity scene celebrating the Bill of Rights. For five decades,