Flag of Palestine

India’s Ban on Pro-Palestinian Protests Sparks Concern in Muslim-Majority Kashmir

As the number of civilian casualties in Gaza rises, Palestinian protests have been prohibited in Kashmir, the sole Muslim-majority state in India, where an

Islamophobia protests

White House Unveils National Plan to Address Islamophobia

The White House announced November 1 that the administration of President Joe Biden will formulate a nationwide strategy to address and combat Islamophobia. Called

Shabbat Celebrations

Empty Shabbat Chairs Mark Commitment to Hostages Taken by Hamas

On a Friday night late last month, an unusual Sabbath evening meal was set near the Lincoln Memorial. No food was served and no

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby

Anglican Archbishop Call For Peace in Gaza, Clarifies ‘Blood Libel’ Comment

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, in collaboration with patriarchs and church leaders in Jerusalem, has issued an appeal urging Israel to implement a humanitarian

Natalie Portman Skips "Jewish Nobel Prize" Over Recent Events in Israel

Natalie Portman Skips “Jewish Nobel Prize” Over Recent Events in Israel

Genesis award is known as the "Jewish Nobel Prize." Natalie Portman will not attend the 2018 Genesis Award ceremony in Jerusalem, where she is

Hate Crimes Against Jews and Muslims Surge in London This Year

Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia are on the rise in London over the past year. In July of 2013, the Metropolitan police in London recorded 258