Rob Monster and alt tech

Hate Loses A Haven

Researcher Megan Squire puts it this way: “Imagine you have a playground at school and there is a bully on your playground. The teacher

Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville

University Student Challenges “No Contact” Order as Religious Discrimination

Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville graduate student Maggie DeJong received three “No Contact Orders” in February from the university, prohibiting contact and indirect communication

Franklin Graham Was Blocked on Facebook

Franklin Graham Was Blocked on Facebook

Video screenshot The social media company apologized to Graham for their mistake. Evangelical preacher Franklin Graham has accused the social media giant Facebook of

God's Not Dead 3

God’s Not Dead 3, Brings in “Lousy” $2.6mil in Opening Weekend

Despite reviews claiming the third installment of God's Not Dead is better than its predecessors, it disappointed at the box office. The Michael Mason

Battle Over Satanic Display in Public Park in Florida

Local pastor vows to destroy Satanic exhibit if it goes on display in Boca Raton, FL park. Boca Raton Community Middle School teacher, Preston

Atheist student sues school

Colorado Atheist Student Suing School District for Discrimination

The school authorities followed a strict Christian agenda Cidney Fisk, who graduated from Delta County High School, has accused the school of lowering her

Trump Administration Set to Roll Back Birth Control Coverage Requirement for Religious Employers

Democrats are fiercely opposed to a plan that restricts access to contraceptives. President Trump has drafted a rule which will roll back the free