Forbes Contributor Analyzes Scientology Tax Status

Scientology's status as a tax-exempt religion is being analyzed by the media. Forbes contributor Peter J. Reilly, who focuses on tax issues of individuals

Meet the Shinto Priest and Philanthropist Who’s Now Investing in New Zealand Football: Dr. Haruhisa Handa

Who is Dr. Haruhisa Handa? Shinto Priest, Businessman, Artist, Philanthropist, Opera singer, Poet, Golfer, Calligrapher.... Dr. Haruhisa Handa, the Japanese millionaire, philanthropist and Shinto


Shri Chitrabhanuji describes core concepts of Jain dharma in Forbes interview

Prominent Jain Master Shri Chitrabhanuji was interviewed by Michael Tobias in 2012 for Forbes Magazine. In the interview, Chitrabhanuji speaks about human nature, simplicity,