No Matter What The Muslim Population In Europe Will Grow

No Matter What The Muslim Population In Europe Will Grow

The growth will be uneven across Europe Pew Research Center projected that even if migrants stopped coming to Europe, the Muslim percentage in the

Vatican Stop Smelling Cigarettes

Vatican To Stop Selling Cigarettes

Cigarettes are the Vatican's second highest source of revenue. Pope Francis, on Thursday, announced the Vatican is banning the sale of cigarettes in its

European Union Fractured Over Christian Rights

Poland Attacks Europe Union For Censoring Christian Traditions

Prime Minister Beata Syzdlo Argues Against Immigration and Catholic Rights Poland wants to avoid the ‘ideological censorship’ of Christian traditions in the European Union,

We Found Santa Claus and He is Dead

We Finally Found Santa Claus And He Is Dead

St. Nicholas' body may have been finally found in Demre, Turkey. Warning: You may not want children to know about this. Santa Claus may

Fears of Anti-Semitic Attacks Force Jewish Magazine to Go Incognito

More than 10,000 German Jews will now receive their monthly magazine, Jüdisches Berlin (Jewish Berlin), without the magazine’s distinctive logo on the envelope to

Current European leaders are leaning towards atheism

Alexis Tsipras was sworn in as Greece’s first openly atheist leader and is one of many European leaders who don't believe in God, including

Freedom of Religion as a Human Right: The Council of Europe’s Upcoming Vote on Establishing “Sect Observatories”

For Americans accustomed to the (at least theoretical) separation of church and state implicit in the First Amendment of the Constitution, it may come