No Matter What The Muslim Population In Europe Will Grow

No Matter What The Muslim Population In Europe Will Grow

No Matter What The Muslim Population In Europe Will Grow
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The growth will be uneven across Europe

Pew Research Center projected that even if migrants stopped coming to Europe, the Muslim percentage in the European countries would continue to increase over subsequent 30 years. This study and analysis of population growth in terms of world religions were made by the influx of predominantly Muslim asylum seekers from Syria and other countries having dominant Muslim populations.

No Matter What The Muslim Population In Europe Will Grow[/tweetthis]

This growth of the Muslim population in Europe will not be an even one. A few European countries will see the Muslim population almost tripling by 2050 while there will be a barely discernible change in others. The Pew Report, which goes by the title ‘Europe’s Growing Muslim Population’. Exhibits a clear divide between the western Europe and eastern Europe. For example, the Muslim population in Germany is projected to rise from 6.1 percent in 2016 to 19.7 percent in 2050 if the present high rate of migration to Germany continues. In contrast, the Muslim population in Poland will rise from 0.1 percent to 0.2 percent during the identical period.

If all the present European Union countries, along with Switzerland and Norway, bar migrants from entering their territories, the Muslim population in Europe will continue to increase due to better fertility rates and younger age profiles. It will continue to remain much low in Eastern Europe.

As per Pew Research, migration was the biggest contributor to the Muslim population rise between the middle of 2010 and the middle of 2016. About 2.5 million Muslims entered Europe during this period for purposes rather than asylum. These people came for education or employment. Approximately 1.3 million Muslims were recipients of refugee status. This permitted them to stay in Europe. Many Muslims left Europe as well. The leavers numbered about 250,000. The secondary engine for Muslim population was the natural growth. When it came to European Muslims, there were approximately 2.9 million more births when compared to births during the mentioned period. A minor reason for Muslim population change is switching of religions. About 160,000 people left Islam during this time.

The Muslim population is much younger compared to non-Muslims. The percentage of Muslims below 15 years of age is 27 percent. This is almost double compared to under 15 non-Muslim population. In percentage terms, it is 15 percent. From a historical perspective, only a little percentage of migrants to Europe are actually refugees from persecution or lethal violence.


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