U.S. City Led by Muslims Bans Pride Flags, Sparking ‘a Sense of Betrayal’

A multicultural enclave of Detroit, Michigan, that attracted international attention in 2015 for becoming the first in the U.S. to elect a Muslim-majority city

Muslims Volunteered to Work a Christian Soup Kitchen on Christmas Eve for Others to Enjoy the Holiday Season

Muslims Volunteered to Work a Christian Soup Kitchen on Christmas Eve for Others to Enjoy the Holiday Season

The move is truly American For many, Christmas equals receiving gifts. However, it is vital to give during the holiday season. This spirit was

Detroit Scientology Church Opening

Scientology Opens New Church in Downtown Detroit

The Church of Scientology celebrated their newest location in Detroit with the community and its leaders on Sunday. Downtown Detroit has recently seen plenty

Blessed Solanus

Detroit Preacher on Way to Sainthood

Father Solanus was loved by Detroit residents for his care towards the poor. Reverend Solanus Casey, a Detroit priest known for his care towards

Sistine Chapel Choir, AKA “Pope’s Choir” to Make Rare U.S. Visit

After a gap of 30 years, the ‘Pope’s Choir’ is set to make another historic visit to the US. Detroit is gearing up for

Christians Team Up With Jews to Rebuild Detroit Synagogue

Detroit synagogue to get a new lease of life. A Detroit church that once existed as a historic synagogue will likely serve as a

Two U.S. Towns Being Sued for Discrimination This Week for Refusing Permits to Mosques

The Department of Justice files discrimination cases against U.S. towns for denying mosques. The city of Sterling Heights, Michigan is facing a legal suit

TST Detroit

Satanic Temple Performs Its First Public Ceremony at Michigan State Capitol

The Satanic Temple held it's first state-sanctioned ceremony. The Michigan State Capitol has been the venue of numerous controversies because organizations and religious groups

Why Even the 1920s Jewish Mafia Observed Yom Kippur

Jewish mobsters, "The Purple Gang" were criminals but still made it to Temple to seek forgiveness for their sins on Yom Kippur. The year

Muslim Flight Attendant Suspended by ExpressJet for Refusing to Serve Alcohol

A Muslim flight attendant filed a discrimination complaint after being suspended for refusing to serve alcohol based on her religious belief. Charee Stanley, 40,