LDS Church Launches Website to Prevent Suicide

LDS Church Launches Website to Prevent Suicide

New LDS Church website provides several resources to help battle youth depression and suicide The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has taken

LDS Elder Holland Releases a Video Addressing Depression

LDS Church's new video "Like a Broken Vessel" features Elder Holland on depression. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, released a video

Dawn Eden Goldstein is the First Woman to Earn Canonical Doctorate at Her University

Dawn Eden Goldstein is the first woman to receive a canonical doctorate from the University of St. Mary of the Lake. Dawn Eden Goldstein,

Keith Wommack Mental Pressure

Can Spirituality Help Teens Get Through Their Difficult and Awkward Years?

Neutralizing the mental pressure to cause harm by harnessing spiritual development in teens. “I just felt like something was pressuring me to do it,”

Meet the Nuns Relieving People’s Pain with Marijuana

Meet the Nuns Relieving People’s Pain with Marijuana

These self-proclaimed nuns, Sisters of the Valley, are on a mission to heal the world with medical marijuana. Darcy Johnson, 24, and Christine Meeusen,

Stoner Jesus

Get High to Get Closer to God: The Stoner Jesus Bible Study

Finding the Peace of Jesus and Weed with Stoner Jesus Bible Study. Deb Button recently released a new weekly bible study program dubbed Stoner

XXX Church Gives 4 Tips on How to Overcome Porn Addiction

Treat or prevent porn addiction with these tips recommended by XXX Church. Because access to internet is now easier than before, it also means

Sikh YouTube Star Lilly Singh Wins Depression Battle and Becomes Role Model

Sikh YouTube star Lilly Singh created her video blog to overcome depression. Now she's inspiring millions with her hilarious videos on American and Punjabi

Suicide Prevention

How Spirituality May Help You Reduce Suicidal Thoughts: National Suicide Prevention Week

For National Suicide Prevention Week, Featured Contributor Keith Wommack shares how spirituality can help you reduce thoughts of emptiness. The tragedy of fifteen-year-old Sadie

How Do You Get Happy and Stay Happy? You Join a Religion, Study Says

A recent study shows participation in religion makes you happy for a sustained amount of time. At least so state the results of a