UK Ultra-Orthodox Jews Refuse to Teach the “Lie” that Earth 4.5 Billion Years Old

UK Ultra-Orthodox Jews Refuse to Teach the “Lie” that Earth is 4.5 Billion Years Old

Taking taxpayer funding means the UOHC cannot push religious text London-based Jewish group, Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations, is urging teachers not to take

Falwell Jr. to Be Part of White House Task Force on Higher Education

The President of Liberty University will be in charge of reforming higher education. 2016 marked a historic year for the United States. It marked

Evangelical Christian Jerry Falwell Jr. to Lead Higher Education Task Force

Jerry Falwell Jr. will lead Trump's higher education task force. One of the most well-known evangelical supporters of Donald Trump, Jerry Falwell Jr., has

Petition Launched to Ban “Islamic Indoctrination” in Schools

Christian Action Network Petition: Stop the Department of Education from converting our children. The controversial issue of schools, especially public schools and religion is