After Being Attacked, Muslim Woman Becomes the First Fined for Wearing Burqa

Danish "Burqa Ban" came into effect on August 1 Denmark's new law banning full-face veils as per Islamic tradition netted its first prosecution.[/tweetit] A 28-year-old

Danish burqa ban comes into effect amid protests

Denmark follows a number of European countries on this subject The Danish “Burqa Ban” came into effect on August 1, the culmination of multiple

Denmark's Burka Ban Should Scare All Religions

Denmark’s Burka Ban Should Scare All Religions

How Denmark's New Law Could Lead To Universal Religious Discrimination Christians and conservative groups are praising Denmark’s recent law that would ban the Burka

Denmark burqa ban

Denmark is Supporting the Ban on Burqas

Denmark joins France, Bulgaria, Belgium and The Netherlands against burqas. If everything goes as anticipated, Denmark will be the latest European state to limit

What are the Motives Behind the Muslim Conversions to Christianity in Europe?

More Muslim refugees are converting to Christianity in Europe. The past few months have seen large numbers of Muslim immigrants all across Europe converting