Thomas More University

A Talk on International Religious Freedom

On November 3, 2022, at Thomas More University (TMU), an event was held with past and present Ambassadors-at-Large for International Religious Freedom—Rashad Hussain and

Thomas More University

Rashad Hussain to Speak at Comparative Perspectives on International Religious Freedom Event

Do two people of different faiths and backgrounds, from different generations and upbringings, see religious freedom the same way? If there can be differences

Rabbi David Saperstein Becomes First Jewish Ambassador For Religious Freedom

The U.S. Senate has approved Rabbi David Saperstein as Ambassador for Religious Freedom in an attempt to strengthen religious freedom throughout the world. He

David Saperstein

Obama Nominates Rabbi David Saperstein for Religious Freedom Ambassador

Rabbi David Saperstein becomes the first non-Christian and Jewish American to be the U.S. Ambassador for Religious Freedom. The position for the U.S. Ambassador