Church of Scientology Inglewood

Place of Worship Violence Continues, This Time, At A Church of Scientology

Man Wielding Samurai Sword Attacks Scientology Church in Inglewood In the latest incident in violence against churches and places of worship, a Samurai sword

Texas Pastors Receiving Gun Training

The 'protecting the flock' phrase has literally started to mean physical protection The 26th Avenue located First Baptist Church of Meridian, along with a

God’s Gift of Serenity and Action

It is time to take up the plague of gun violence that sets America apart from other nations. The news was as startling as

Paul Ryan prayers shooting

Paul Ryan Defends His Call for Prayers After Texas Mass Shooting: ‘Prayer Works’

House Speaker defends his calls for sending 'thoughts and prayers' for the victims The House Speaker Paul Ryan drew criticism for offering “thoughts and

President Trump in Tokyo

Over 25 Slain in Church Massacre; President Trump Says It’s A Mental Health Issue, Not A “Guns Situation”

The Texas church shooting is being said to be motivated by domestic issues. On Sunday, November 5, during a church service, gunman Devin Kelly