Jerusalem Holy Site Closed Doors in Protest

Jerusalem Holy Site Closed in Protest

Jerusalem municipality clarifies stand, saying that worship structures will not be taxed Jerusalem's church leaders on February 25 bolted the doors of Church of

National Geographic Dec 2017 Jesus Real

National Geographic: Jesus was Real

National Geographic's December cover article is criticized for its bias. The December 2017 issue of National Geographic magazine chucks up rational thought and for

Tomb of Jesus date

New Discovery Has Dated Jesus’ Tomb At 345 C.E.

Dating techniques proved it to be a third century structure. Chemical tests of mortar discovered in a limestone cave dates the Tomb of Jesus

Restored Tomb of Jesus Opens in Jerusalem

Renovated tomb of Jesus unveiled Jesus' tomb is now restored to recapture the glory it once had.[/tweetit] The tomb, known as the Edicule, was

Three Christian Groups Unite to Restore Tomb Where Jesus Was Believed to Be Buried

Christian denominations team up for the restoration of Jesus' tomb. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is a church within the Christian Quarter of