Archbishop Oscar Romero to be Canonized

Murdered Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero to be Canonized

Vatican will canonize Oscar Romero and Paul VI The Vatican made an important announcement on Wednesday stating that Pope Francis has made it possible

Pope Francis Announces Canonization of Paul VI

Pope Francis Announces Canonization of Paul VI

The pontiff joked he is waiting in line for being made a saint. Pope Francis confirmed to priests of Rome that Pope Paul VI

July 11 is The Feast of Saint Benedict

The feast of Saint Benedict will be celebrated by Catholics around the world on July 11. St. Benedict is the patron saint of Europe

First African-American Catholic Priest in the U.S. Could Be Canonized

Archdiocese of Chicago pushes for beatification of first U.S. African-American priest. Augustus Tolton was born a slave. He was born in Missouri, in the

Swedish Nun Who Saved Jews during WWII Canonized by Pope Francis

Pope canonized Mary Elizabeth Hesselblad who saved the lives of 12 Jewish people. Last Sunday, Pope Francis canonized two new saints, Swedish-born Maria Elizabeth

Pope Francis Confirms Mother Teresa Will be Made a Saint

Mother Teresa will be a Saint. It has been brewing for months, and now it is confirmed that Mother Teresa, the Roman Catholic nun