XXXchurch Founder Starts Christian Cannabis Website

XXXchurch Founder Starts Christian Cannabis Website

XXXchurch Founder Starts Christian Cannabis Website

Gross will sell weed pens as his first Christian Cannabis product

Craig Gross, who founded the XXXchurch, an atypical ministry which offers spiritual support to individuals employed in and addicted to the adult entertainment industry, has branched off to hawking cannabis on his new website. Gross uses both offline and electronic means to facilitate discussion on the benefits of marijuana which were earlier avoided by churches. The product was condemned and demonized from the pulpit. He is holding a conversation with Christian leaders across the United States to send his point across.

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Gross has described several medical issues which have stymied doctors and have left patients with substantial medical bills. He is a Californian and started using marijuana after the state legalized the drug for medicinal use. Gross claimed his childhood was spent in a church-saturated world and he was very aware of the stigma associated with marijuana, especially among Christians. When it came to his personal life, he rationed his alcohol and never imagined that one day he would not only be a cannabis consumer but also a cannabis seller.

Gross was forced to turn to weed when his migraines became more frequent and severe, negatively affecting his quality of life. Then a CNN documentary pushed him to obtain a license to buy medical marijuana and try the drug. The stigma against weed was so ingrained in him that he was ashamed to use marijuana, even for medicinal purposes. His mindset changed when he discovered THC mints. Each mint had five milligrams of cannabis, a tiny but extremely effective dosage. The results were excellent, making both his mental and physical health much better.

According to Gross, several medicinal benefits can be attributed to marijuana and skeptics may find the truth of his stated position in medical science. He claims to have benefited spiritually due to the physical and mental wellness he experienced from weed. Taking cannabis, he claimed, helped him to connect with God. Marijuana assisted him in obtaining direction and clarity. He claimed that weed allowed him to accept God in his heart in a visceral and lasting manner. A video soon followed supposedly buttressing the claim.

Gross’s company, which he named Christian Cannabis, has plans to retail weed pens containing strains. The products will come with attractive Christian tinted names like “Praise,” “Pause,” and “Purpose.” Plans are afoot to sell balms and even mints with cannabis in them.


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