Synagogue break in

Woman Who Broke into a Synagogue Turned Herself in

Synagogue breakin
By Sultan Edijingo (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Police continue to search for her unidentified companion

Surveillance cameras mounted inside a synagogue recorded Morghan Rogers breaking into the building with an unidentified man. The two entered the B'Nai Israel Congregation building through the building's unlocked front door. The two vandalized the premises. Rogers turned herself into police custody. She was charged with two offenses. The first was a single count of larceny. The second charge involved another count of trespassing.

Woman Who Broke into a Synagogue Turned Herself in[/tweetthis]

Both Rogers and the unidentified person spent about two hours inside the B'Nai Israel Congregation. They spent the time walking aimlessly through its halls. The two vandalized the interiors while seemingly exploring the layout of the structure. The two accessed the interiors when they discovered a front door. This door was not locked. The clock showed 10:45 pm when the two opened the door and walked inside. The man, until now, has escaped identification. According to the spokesperson for the police, Norfolk detectives are trying to charge that man. The B'Nai Israel Congregation has its address at 420 Spotswood Avenue, Norfolk.

Jeffrey Brooke, the president of the congregation, released a statement. The text said that the congregation is deeply saddened to report a break-in. The latter happened a few days before. The people who did this crime also committed the crime of stealing Jewish prayer objects. The statement continued on to say that the damage has been contained. This was made possible by the presence of high-quality security cameras. These cameras were of high resolution. The cameras thus captured premium quality images of the two who did the crime. The text then reassured the reader audience that measures have already been taken to make sure that nothing like this ever happens on the premises. The authorities of the synagogue are working with local law enforcement- the Norfolk Police Department to make sure that this kind of event never happens again. It helped the police by giving the videos. Such measures made it clear as to how all parties involved in this event have taken it in all seriousness. The president of the congregation said that he is confident that the police will solve this crime and the background beneath this heinous vandalizing. These words were echoed by Daniel McNamara. He lives near to the B'Nai Israel Congregation synagogue. McNamara said that whoever did this does not represent the community at all.


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