In The Wake Of Tragedy, Prayer Is Not Enough

In the Wake of Tragedy, Prayer Is Not Enough

In The Wake Of Tragedy, Prayer Is Not Enough
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In the wake of recent tragedy, it’s important to remember that prayer should only be the first step in reaction to a tragedy.

Sending your prayers out to the families of those who have died or are injured is important, but it cannot be the completion of our responsibility.

How we live our religion is far more important than what we may say about our religion.
Elder Robert D. Hales

If everyone who prayed for a miracle took time out of their life to make their prayers come to fruition they’d find a world where their prayers are no longer needed. It is the job of people from all religion to strive to uphold their religious values, this doesn’t stop at home. Religion should bring people to the streets to protest injustice and intolerance. It should bring together communities in times of grieving. Religion should unite Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, and Indigenous communities in the wake of terror attacks.

After asking Allah to guide you to the straight path, don’t just stand there … start walking!
Albaz Poetry

Search for ways to help after a tragedy. Donate to relief and rebuilding funds after a natural disaster. Find and support groups such as Doctors without Borders and the Red Cross who assist in aid and relief after disasters. Fight against stereotyping and intolerance after a terror attack leads some to claim all Muslims are terrorists, and all terrorists are Muslim. When white supremacy threatens the lives of minority populations, open up our hearts, provide love, support and kindness to those populations. Work with them to create a more inclusive world. Give.

These five are a person of integrity’s gifts. Which five? A person of integrity gives a gift with a sense of conviction. A person of integrity gives a gift attentively. A person of integrity gives a gift in season. A person of integrity gives a gift with an empathetic heart. A person of integrity gives a gift without adversely affecting himself or others.

We all have to step up. Educate those around us. Donate when we have enough to share. Pray when we feel lost, and start it all over again.


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