Vatican Releases Guide for Teachers to Counter the Gender 'Education Crisis'

The new Vatican guide: “Male and Female He Created Them”

The Vatican has decided to enter the gender ideology debate with an educational document titled Male and Female He Created Them to deal with what it calls “an educational crisis.”

The document is supposed to act as a support for Catholic school teachers to counter ideas which “deny the natural difference between a man and a woman.” Furthermore, the document is subtitled “Towards a path of dialogue on the question of gender theory in education.”

As Western countries are dealing with the legal as well as the social implications of more concise definitions of identity, the Vatican has rejected what it cast as the notion that individuals may choose their gender.
While the document broke little new ground in casting doubt on gender theory and promoting traditional Roman Catholic teaching on the intrinsic biological differences between men and women, for some Catholics, the document represents a step backward.

Pope Francis had encouraged many people with the idea that the church was changing. In 2013, when asked about a Vatican priest who may be gay, he responded by saying, “Who am I to judge?”

However, despite some sentences about young Catholic school students in a way that is discrete and confidential and a short section about discrimination. The new document has disappointed advocates who desire greater acceptance.

Advocates have warned that the church is inviting discrimination and that because it has delivered an anachronistic message on human sexuality, it had shown that it has decided to take on esoteric theories instead of the lived experiences of LGBT individuals.

Roberto Zappala, a professor from Milan’s Gonzague Institute has said the church was trying to promote “dialogue on the question of gender in education.” Cardinal Giuseppe Versaldi said that the gender theory “seeks to impose a single school of thought” and determines the education of children.

Cardinal Versaldi then said the theory “leads to educational programs and legislative orientations that promote a personal identity and emotional intimacy separated from the biological difference between male and female.” Furthermore, he said, “It is from [their] sex that the human person receives the characteristics which, on the biological, psychological and spiritual levels, make that person a man or a woman.”

The document will be distributed internationally across the Catholic educational system.


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