UN Accuses Myanmar of Genocide Against Rohingya Muslims

UN Accuses Myanmar of Genocide Against Rohingya Muslims

UN Accuses Myanmar of Genocide Against Rohingya Muslims

It was done to stop the further distribution of hate

A report released by United Nations investigators has described in chilling detail how Myanmar used its military might to carry out gang rapes and mass killings of the Muslim Rohingyas.[/tweetit] The UN report stated that the state machinery had “genocidal intent.” It also recommended that the Myanmarese commander-in-chief and the country's top five generals be prosecuted for grave crimes as per international law.

UN Accuses Myanmar of Genocide Against Rohingya Muslims[/tweetthis]

This report is a watershed one as it is the first time the UN has recommended that Myanmar officials face genocidal charges on account of their hate-filled campaign against Rohingyas. This UN action will in all probability deepen the isolation already suffered by this South East Asian nation.

The UN investigators had strong words for Facebook, Myanmar's most popular social media network. The social media giant, the investigators, surmised, had allowed its platform to be utilized to ignite hatred and violence. Investigators also blamed Aung San Suu Kyi, the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, and for all purposes the civilian leader of the country. They said that Suu Kyi did not use her unmatched “moral authority” to help and protect civilians. They pointed out that her government actually helped to fan the atmosphere of hate by failing to protect minorities for sundry crimes against war crimes and humanity.

Facebook was quick to take action when they heard they were being blamed by the UN report, once again. The UN has discovered a link between Myanmar’s atrocities and social media sites like Facebook and the latter knew it must act quickly. Facebook, after one day, removed the social media accounts of top Myanmar military generals from its platform, including the tech-savvy Senior General Min Aung Hlaing. According to the social media giant, it has banned a total of 18 accounts, 52 Facebook pages, and one Instagram account. The accounts were followed by approximately 12 million people.

Facebook justified these ousters by saying that such an action will prevent hatred spewers from igniting religious and ethnic tensions further. The company also said data from the deleted pages continues to be in its servers. The company has earlier removed pages authored by Myanmarese nationalist monks. It has also hired a company which will examine the platform's effects on human rights inside Myanmar. The UN report has mentioned Facebook multiple times by name, saying that it has played a pivotal role in spreading hatred.


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