Trump Requests Resignation of Jeff Sessions for a more "Biblical View"

Trump Requests Resignation of Jeff Sessions for a more “Biblical View”

Trump Requests Resignation of Jeff Sessions for a more "Biblical View"

Sessions’ replacement, Matthew G. Whitaker, has supported Trump’s Comey firing.

President Donald J. Trump has forced Jeff Sessions, his administration's first Attorney General, to resign.[/tweetit] The resignation has smoothed the way for Matthew G. Whitaker to take over the post. The latter was chief of staff reporting to Sessions and would presently function as acting Attorney General.

Trump Requests Resignation of Jeff Sessions for a more “Biblical View”[/tweetthis]

The president was not shy of stating his frustration with Sessions. The former Attorney General recused himself in 2017 from the continuing investigation being conducted by Department of Justice into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. Sessions has worked on Trump's presidential electoral campaign.

Unlike Sessions, Whitaker has no interest in the Moscow matter. This is important as he has inherited from Sessions the power to seal records and withhold funding. He is also aware of a number of methods by which the Russia probe could be disrupted. In his interview with a prominent media house, Whitaker has painted a hypothetical scenario where the U.S. President could sack his own Attorney General and install a temporary Attorney General to perform the position's important duties. The then Chief of Staff pointed out that as per federal law, the new temporary Attorney General would have power over any special counsel's budget. This could be used to defund the Mueller investigation. Whitaker reasoned that even if the flow of money cannot be stopped altogether, the budget will be reduced to such an extent that the investigation automatically stops.

Among the new acting Attorney General's many noted biases, one stands out: all federal judges must always be “people of faith” and they must take “biblical view of justice.” Curiously for a person in the law field, he also expressed the opinion that the U.S. Supreme Court is an inferior branch of the three branches of the American Government. Whitaker said the court has too much power for its own good. The court must not give the final judgment to all issues.

Whitaker is not a man to mince words. He has accused Robert Mueller, the head of the Russian meddling investigation of going too far in his duties. He has also said Mueller has no actual authority to investigate the finances of the Trump organization, and thus if he does, which Mueller has, then serious concerns should be raised as to whether this investigation could be labeled a witch-hunt. The acting Attorney General also supported Trump firing FBI head James Comey as the latter has not prosecuted Hillary Clinton.


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