Trump Blames Bible Verse Faux Pas on Christian Right Leader

Gage Skidore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
Trump blames Tony Perkins for his “2 Corinthians” speech mistake.

Donald Trump, in the course of his Liberty University visit, tried to make contact with the evangelical-minded crowd. He quoted a Bible verse and referred to it as two Corinthians instead of the common pronunciation of “Second Corinthians.” The end result is that the media mocked him for the gaffe. However, for all his mistakes, it is apparent that his visit to the private Christian school located in Lynchburg, VA was successful.

Trump Blames Bible Verse Faux Pas on Christian Right Leader[/tweetthis]

Trump, for his part, assumed a defensive stance, squarely blaming the gaffe on Tony Perkins, a prominent leader of the Christian right and also of Family Research Council. Trump accused Perkins of misleading him.

According to the Donald, Perkins wrote what he wanted to say that day. Trump assumed that Perkins would do an excellent job as the latter respected Liberty and he was to visit Liberty. The billionaire Republican presidential hopeful said that he believed that Perkins is an excellent guy. There was also the fact that the Christian evangelist wrote “2 Corinthians,” the source of all Trump's woes. When he contacted Perkins, the latter said that he meant second, but wrote the number “2,” a clear oversight.

Trump told the media that he believed that Perkins did write the correct thing, and mentioned that the verse is actually written in the form of “2 Corinthians.” It is clear that Perkins evidently thought that Donald Trump reads and is actually familiar with Bible writings. It is apparent that the Bible is Trump's way of winning votes from religious-minded persons. He does not read the Bible.

Observers already have a few questions in their minds, like they cannot figure out the reason for Trump getting advice from a person like Tony Perkins. Another query is that why Trump, who famously said that the Bible is the greatest book, needs a person like Perkins to give him Bible verses for peppering his speech. In fact, Trump, in his Liberty speech, repeatedly said that the Bible blows every other book away.

The reality television personality and real estate mogul, with wealth crossing the billionaire mark, gave a speech to students and guests of Liberty, a private and non-profit Christian university, founded by Jerry Falwell, a Southern Baptist televangelist. Trump did not forget to remind the audience of Art of the Deal, his bestselling book. 


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