Tim Tebow Bringing God’s Love to South Carolina

Tim Tebow is Bringing God’s Love to South Carolina

Tim Tebow Bringing God’s Love to South Carolina
By Sports Spectrum (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Tebow has speaking events at BJU and Night to Shine Prom for Special Needs Children

Tim Tebow, the former NFL quarterback, is scheduled to make an appearance at Bob Jones University on March 15. Tebow will be discussing his habit of mixing Christianity and professional sports.[/tweetit] In the event titled “An Evening with Tim Tebow” he will talk about how he has used sports to be a “platform for Christ.” He will also elaborate on how his religion has impacted his career. The venue will be the BJU campus-located Founder’s Memorial Amphitorium. It will begin at 7:30 in the evening.

Tim Tebow is Bringing God’s Love to South Carolina[/tweetthis]

Neal Ring, the Bruins Director of Athletics, underscored the importance of God in Tebow's life. He said that the player has used his sports career to bring glory to God. Ring, then asserted that the same philosophy is found at BJU's intercollegiate athletics program.

Tebow is credited with winning two national championships and the Heisman Trophy in 2007. The latter was done during his Florida stint. He was always open when it came to his Christian faith. Even when he played for college, and also during the NFL, he would be observed to kneel and utter a prayer right after a scoring touchdown.

Tim Tebow goes all out to exhibit his Christian values. His foundation, will also bring a night of fun filled with music and limousines to children with special needs in Charleston area on February 9. The Tim Tebow Foundation is sponsoring the Night to Shine prom with 15 churches in South Carolina.

Volunteers working for Tebow's foundation partner with churches all over the world to sponsor kids' prom nights. South Carolina has 15 of 540 participating churches. Among the 15, two are located in Greater Charleston. These two churches are Jedburg, Summerville located First Baptist Church and Mount Pleasant's Seacoast Church. One prom will see Tebow physically present. The player does not disclose where and which prom he will attend.

The Tebow foundation provides money to sponsor the proms. Even if a church receives funds from other sources, that particular church will receive things like gifts, water bottles, and picture frames. All these are donated ostensibly to show God's love.


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