This Woman’s Sonogram Looks like a Crucifix

Video screenshot
Video screenshot
A pregnant woman goes in for a sonogram and gets a snapshot that looks like a crucifix.

In a recent piece of strange and interesting news, an Indiana-based woman named Aley Meyer claims that her baby’s ultrasound snapshot contains an image of a crucifix.

This Woman’s Sonogram Looks like a Crucifix[/tweetthis]

Ms. Meyer states that this is most likely a sign from God. When observed closely, the corner of the ultrasound image does show what appears to be something that closely resembles a crucifix.

The 21-year-old mother calls it divine intervention, which she claims, couldn’t have come at a better time. Ms. Meyer is believed to have been affected by Crohn’s Disease, for which she has been taking prescribed medications. This, naturally, was a cause for concern considering that there are chances of potentially dangerous drug reactions affecting the baby.

However, Meyer claims that seeing the image of the crucifix was a good sign and that it took away her worries.

The ultrasound was carried out on April 11 after Meyers was sent to the hospital due to a complaint of unusual bleeding. Meyer did not notice the crucifix immediately. It was only when a family friend pointed it out to her at a gathering, that Meyer took notice of the crucifix at the corner of the ultrasound image.

The family friend, who happens to be Meyer’s best friend’s mother, alerted Meyer to the crucifix by pointing at the image. However, at first, Meyer misunderstood and thought that her friend’s mother was talking about the baby’s supposed excess hair growth. However, the family friend redirected Meyer’s attention to the crucifix.

As expected, Meyer was quite shocked and responded with an “Oh my goodness!”

She claimed that she couldn’t believe what she was seeing and that it took her a whole 30 minutes to actually make sense of it.

On the other hand, Meyer’s fiancé, who was also present at the gathering, stated that he found the image to be “creepy.” However, he apologized after Meyer criticized him for his word choice and said that even he was quite amazed at the possibility of something like this. 

Of course, skeptics state that this is just pareidolia and that there is nothing special here to be astounded by. Most likely, Meyer will have a fairly healthy and normal baby.

Recently, an Argentinian woman also claimed to see Jesus in her sonogram.


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