A kiss and healing prayer from Pope Francis cured a little girl of cancer

Pope Francis, the head of Roman Catholic Church, healed Gracie West, a 12-year-old girl suffering from stage four Neuroblastoma when he kissed her forehead. He also uttered a healing prayer for her, in return of her prayers for the Pope. The girl is a native of New Jersey, U.S.A.

Gracie, who was afflicted with pediatric cancer that affects the nerve cells, flew to Italy where she met Pope Francis. Upon her return to New Jersey, she went through another chemotherapy session. Her doctors announced the excellent news on December 11 that cancer cells which were eating her body have disappeared. Her family believes that her healing did not simply result from the continued chemotherapy session. Her good health owes a lot to divine intervention and prayer with the Pope as the medium.

Italy: Pope Francis kiss Gracie West. -Photo West Family

Italy: Pope Francis kiss Gracie West. -Photo West Family

According to Gracie, the power of prayer did the trick. She said that she always looked forward and never at the back, as she believes one must keep going forward.  She understood that there was something alien in her body and wanted to eject it.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation enabled Grace to take a flight to Italy. Her aim was to meet with Pope Francis- which she did. She claimed that the power of prayer helped her. Grace's family concurs. They say that their daughter's continued optimism and her strong belief in the divine entity has contributed to her health successes. Her mother also thanked the community and said that they were extremely supportive.

According to reports, Grace must continue to undergo scans at frequent intervals and also take vaccinations so that she would remain free of cancer for a long time.

The present Pope is credited with performing a number of “miraculous healing” acts as well. It is said that he kissed a baby's tumor away in November. He kissed Gianna, a one-year-old girl, in the middle of a Philadelphia papal procession. The trip to the city was a component of his U.S. pastoral visit.

Philadelphia: Pope Francis kisses baby Gianna. -Photo Joey Masciantonio

Philadelphia: Pope Francis kisses baby Gianna. -Photo Joey Masciantonio

Kristen Masciantonio, the mother of Gianna, regards the papal kiss as a miracle. The meeting was at the mother's insistence who asked her husband to make arrangements to see the Pope. Joe, the baby's father, was initially lukewarm towards the idea. The Pope kissed the baby during the procession. 


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