Teen Created and Injected DNA Translated from the Bible and Quran

Locatelli followed the rAAV method to write the genetic code.

Adrien Locatelli, a high school student in France, has bioengineered DNA which derives its structure from Bible and Quran verses. The 16-year-old has injected the product DNA into his own body, specifically the leg. These are created from nucleotides which can be combined only in a particular manner — the proteins made by the student are simply short DNA strands.

Locatelli, a resident of Grenoble, wrote a short paper which was subsequently published in the OSF Preprints website, a place dedicated to “open science.” The student says he injected DNA containing Bible verses into the left thigh and DNA having Quran verses into the right one. When questioned about doing such an activity, Locatelli claims the experiment was done only to symbolize the “peace between science and religions.”

Research has revealed data can be stored inside artificial nucleotides, like a Bitcoin wallet key. Locatelli is arguably the first person in the world who has been injected with it. He said he is the sole subject of this study and he was fully willing to go through it. In short, he has given his consent to himself to proceed with the action.

The inspiration for the 16-year-old came when he read about the many efforts done by scientists to convert information in the digitized form to DNA which was being touted as an alternative data storage technique. He wondered whether a religious text could be transformed into DNA. He chose portions of the Quran and the Book of Genesis. Locatelli’s rationale was that the first monotheistic book was the Torah, and the last is the Quran.

In his paper, Locatelli wrote that proteins and DNAs are macromolecules and thus have a primary structure that is possible to write with letters. He matched the number of characters present in the Hebrew alphabet to nucleotides so that a DNA strand is formed which corresponded to the initial new verses of the Bible’s Book of Genesis. A similar method was utilized to match individual Arabic letters to the genetic code. He used the recombinant adeno-associated virus (rAAV) technique to write Biblical genetic code into the virus DNA.


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