Study: The Influence of Moms in Christian Households

Study: The Influence of Moms in Christian Households

Study: The Influence of Moms in Christian Households

Teens look to mothers for support more than any other family member

According to a recent study, mothers are a lot more influential in Christian households than previously thought.[/tweetit] Most of the time, when people think about the person in charge of their home, it is the father that comes to mind. However, in the Households of Faith report that studied the impact of family members in Christian homes, it was revealed that mothers had more of an impact in many areas of the household. The report was created by Barna, partnering with the Lutheran Hour Ministries.

Study: The Influence of Moms in Christian Households[/tweetthis]

Specifically, the study found that mothers were the primary individuals that got activities and conversations started in the households. The study surprisingly discovered that the new generation of teens is very open with their mothers about all aspects of their lives. As such, the Christian teens were very likely to take part in eating meals together, watching movies, and even talking about their relationship with God as long as it was with their mother.

The number of interactions that teens of both genders had with their mother was much more the number of interactions they had with every other member of their family. The study looked into siblings, friends, fathers, grandparents, and other family members. Having fun together was something teens ranked highly with their friends.

Still, when not looking at friends, mothers tended to have a lot more influence and prominent in their child’s relationships in everything but playing sports and interactions on social media. The latter can be explained by the desire to talk and do things with each other in person. However, it’s not just the things that teens are talking about and experiencing with their parents, but also who they go to for various aspects of their life.

The study evaluated the people to whom the child would go to more often than other people for a variety of topics. These included encouragement, advice, sympathy, money, and logistical help. Mothers scored higher in every single one of these areas except money, and they just about tied logistical help. The bottom line is that moms are doing more than pulling their fair share of the load when it comes to helping their teens along.

Study: The Influence of Moms in Christian Households

The study also evaluated spiritual dilemmas, faith, and difficult topics like sex. While the latter was mostly discussed between friends, moms were close by there and led the discussion for the spiritualism and faith. All in all, it is clear that mothers have a tremendous impact in the Christian household in a wide variety of ways.


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